Monday, August 26, 2013

WOD Tuesday, AUGUST 27, 2013

Great job today on those KB snatches and the squats are looking good!

No one to add to the douche list tonight so pat yourselves on the back for that one.

We had an exciting day at the gym today.  Probably the loudest the place has ever been was tonight when Anne Marie was over the rings on her muscle up attempt.  I think I see one in your future pretty soon Anne, no pressure ladies but we got two free months on the line and one might be gone soon!

Speaking of Muscle ups...

 Aaron rips one out strict style after his elements 4 class

And big Chuck says he's got some for us too!  The first elements class with two people into the muscle up class ever.  What's in the water out here?  Studs.


Christine and Julia Gettin after it at 8pm

Feeling lazy today and not sure if you want to come in?  Have one conversation with our bad ass at Lisa at 8pm and try to stay home... I dare you.  This woman is pure inspiration.  Great job Lisa!

Warm Up
1 Minute Doubles
25 Pushups
25 Sit ups
Review and Drill Cleans (from the floor)
Review and Drill Split Jerk


16 Minutes to Find 2RM Squat Clean
15 Minute to Find 1 RM Split Jerk From the Rack
12 Minutes to find 1 RM STANDING Box Jump (no steps)

Remember, box jumps are mental. 
See you at the gym.

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